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Post Office Package Tracking
  • The United States Postal Service offers a lot of options for anyone that wants to mail a package. One of the best options is package tracking. Every Post Office offers package tracking. You can even get package tracking on items that you order online, but how exactly does it work?


    Tracking a Post Office Package

    When you send a package to someone else, or when someone else sends one to you, the Post Office will give the option of package tracking. Whoever is going to receive the package has the option of tracking the package to make sure that it gets to them safely. The sender can also track the package, if they want to.

    When you decide to use the Post Office track packages feature, you will be given a tracking number. That number can be sent right to your e-mail address, but you might also want to record it in another safe place. Once you have your Post Office tracking number, you can call customer support or visit to track your package. All you have to do is repeat the tracking number on the phone or type it into the online package tracker page.


    Where the Tracking Information Comes From

    Post Office packages may have to travel a long distance to get where they are going. That can take several days. Before package tracking was available, people had to simply wait and hope that their package would arrive soon. Now, thanks to package tracking, you don’t have to wait. You can see where your package has been and how close it is to being delivered whenever you want to check on it.

    As for where the tracking information itself comes from, it gets entered into various computer systems as your package moves from one facility to the next. The truck drivers have to sign paperwork stating that the package was delivered to a certain facility. So, you can see all of the information that is entered into the computer system, just like the Post Office staff sees it.


    Priority Mail Express

    When you use most of the Post Office tracking options, such as certified or registered mail, you’ll only be notified when your package is out for delivery. However, if you really want the best tracking option, you should use Priority Mail Express. If you choose that option, you won’t just see when your package is out for delivery. You’ll also see every stop it makes along the way.


    Advantages of Package Tracking

    There are many different advantages of using the Post Office package tracking system. One advantage is that workers will be required to keep better track of your package as it travels. Another advantage is that you will be able to tell what day to expect your package so that you can be home to accept it. The third advantage is that, if something does go wrong, you can use the tracking information to figure out what happened and get the Post Office to locate your package. To find out more about package tracking, visit


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