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Post Office Holidays
  • Generally, the United States Post Office is open and mail is delivered 6 days a week all year long. Short of a state of emergency being declared (usually due to blizzards, tornadoes, or other bad weather), the post office is never closed for an entire day except on Sundays and postal holidays.


    What Are the Post Office Holidays?

    There are several holidays that occur over the course of the year, but not all of them are postal holidays. For example, Valentine’s Day is not a postal holiday. That means that mail is still delivered on Valentine’s Day and the Post Office is open.

    Postal holidays are any holidays during which the Post Office is closed. For the most part, federal holidays and postal holidays are the same. However, Inauguration Day, which is a federal holiday, is not a postal holiday.


    How Many Postal Holidays Are There?

    There are exactly ten postal holidays that occur during each calendar year. On those dates, no mail is delivered and no Post Office branch is open. Although those same ten holidays are observed by the Post Office each year, they are not all observed on the same days each year.

    Specific Postal Holidays

    Specific postal holidays happen on the same day each year. For example, January 1 (New Year’s Day), July 4 (Independence Day) and December 25 (Christmas Day) are all always postal holidays each year. There is no mail delivery on those days. All Post Office branches are also closed on those days.

    Thanksgiving is also a specific postal holiday, but it isn’t on the same day of the month each year. Instead, it is on the third Thursday of November each year.


    Other Postal Holidays

    There are 6 other postal holidays each year. They are each usually celebrated on the Mondays closest to the actual events. Those holidays are Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day (Washington’s Birthday), Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day.


    The 2013 Postal Holidays

    A list of the 2013 postal holidays can be found online in many places, including on the website for the U.S. Post Office. Those dates are:

    - Tuesday, January 1

    - Monday, January 21

    - Monday, February 18

    - Monday, May 27

    - Thursday, July 4

    - Monday, September 2

    - Monday, October 14

    - Monday, November 11

    - Thursday, November 28

    - Wednesday, December 25


    Keeping Track of Post Office Holidays

    It is fairly easy to keep track of Post Office holidays. Most of them are marked on standard calendars. You can also look them up online at any time. In fact, the U.S. Postal Service Events Calendar will tell you what each postal holiday is for the current year. You can view the calendar at


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