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Post Office Change of Address
  • Not too long ago you could only fill out a post office change of address form by going directly to your local branch and filling out a form at the customer service desk. Today achieving this necessary chore that is part of moving or taking a leave of absence from the country is accomplished with much more ease. A post office change of address is easily done online by going to the website of the United States Postal Service and filling out an online application at


    Understanding the Post Office Change of Address Conditions

    The Post Office Change of Address Form comes with terms and conditions that you must be agreed with before you can fill out the form. You must be the actual person, executor, guardian, authorized officer or agent for whom male would be forwarded to when fill out the form. If you submit false or inaccurate information on this form you might be subject to a fine or imprisonment or both.

    You should also know that your private information can be given to government agencies or government bodies when information is required about a decision requiring employment, voter’s registration, law enforcement purposes, security clearances, contracts or suitability investigations.

    You can read the entire Privacy Act Statement and Privacy Policy associated with changing your address at


    Filling Out the Post Office Change of Address Form

    The form that you wall be filling out is very simple with well laid-out fields and blank spaces and drop down menus to help clarify your answers. The first thing you will be asked is if your move is permanganate or temporary because both of these applications require different forms. If you are planning to move to your current address within twelve months then you should fill out the temporary address change form.

    You will also be asked when you want your mail forwarding to begin. The date cannot be more than thirty days in the past or more than three months in the future. It takes between seven and ten business days for you mail to actually be forwarded to you.

    If your move is temporary you will be asked to name a date in which your mail should stop be forwarded to another address.

    You will also have to define for the post office how many people will be making the move for you. If you are the only one moving it is called an Individual move. If a family is moving and everyone is using the same last name then it is a Family move. If it is a business then only a duly authorized representative of a business may forward any business mail.

    For more information and to access the actual form go to the Movers Guide section of the United States Postal Office at

    Whether you are planning to move quite a while in advance or find your address changing quickly, the change of address form at the U.S. Post Office can help you to guarantee that you will keep getting your mail.


    Getting the Form

    You can fill out or print a change of address form on the Post Office website. Then follow the directions. You can also cancel, update, or just review your change of address form on the Post Office website at any time.

    Another way to get a change of address form is to go to your local Post Office branch and pick one up. You can either fill it out and give it to one of the employees on the spot or take it home. If you choose to take it home, simply fill it out at your leisure and then mail it in or bring it down to the Post Office in your town.


    Filling Out the Form

    When you fill out the United States Postal Service change of address form, you need to make sure that you include all of the information necessary, including your full name, current address, and new address. If any of the information is not accurate, you may not receive your mail at your new address.

    You may also need to fill out more than one individual form if you go by more than one last name. For example, if you have a nickname, or if you still receive mail with both your married and maiden names, you should fill out a form for each.


    Temporary Address Changes

    When you fill out the change of address form, your mail will automatically be forwarded for 6 months. When that period of time is over, you can request a 6-month extension. So, your mail can be forwarded to your new address for up to a year. If you expect to move back to you old address within that year, you can fill out a temporary change of address form. If not, you should fill out the permanent change of address form.


    Family and Business Address Changes

    When you are filling out a change of address at the Post Office, you also have the option of filling out a family form. If your entire family is moving, you can use that form to make the process easy. However, that form should only be used if everyone in your house’s last name is the same and you are all moving to the same place.

    Another option is that you can fill out a business form, if your business address is changing. Keep in mind that you have to be the business owner or an authorized representative of the business in order to fill out the form to change the address of the business.

    For more information on Post Office change of address forms, visit

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