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  • United States Post Office

    The U.S. Post Office, also known as the United States Postal Service (USPS), is the primary organization responsible for distributing mail to the residents of the United States of America. Most people get mail from the Post Office every day, and many people send letters and packages through the postal service each week.

    Post Office Services

    The United States Postal Service offers many different things besides just letter delivery. For example, it offers free package pickup, which can be helpful for the elderly or those who don’t drive a car. It also provides convenient post office boxes for both personal use and business use.

    U.S. Post Office Hours

    There are many reasons why you might need to use the services of your local Post Office. You might need a P.O. Box for personal or business use, you might need to mail a package, or you might need to buy stamps. Maybe you need a money order, a passport, or a change of address form.

    Whatever your reason is for visiting your local Post Office, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting there only to find out that they are closed. That’s why it is so important to know what your local Post Office’s hours are before you go.


    What Days Is The Post Office Open ?

    All U.S. Postal Service offices are open weekdays, as well as Saturdays. However, they are not open on Sundays at all. Also, the Saturday hours are generally shorter than the weekday hours.


    Does the US Post Office Still Deliver on Saturday?

    For quite a while now, the U.S. Postal Service has been saying that they plan to stop delivering mail on Saturdays. Most Post Office branches, if not all of them, would also be closed all day on Saturday, according to that plan.

    An act of Congress was recently passed. That act prevented the U.S. Postal Service from implementing…

    Post Office Change of Address

    Not too long ago you could only fill out a post office change of address form by going directly to your local branch and filling out a form at the customer service desk. Today achieving this necessary chore that is part of moving or taking a leave of absence from the country is accomplished with much more ease. A post office change of address is easily done online by going to the website of the United States Postal Service and filling out an online application at


    Understanding the Post Office Change of Address Conditions

    The Post Office Change of Address Form comes with terms and conditions that you must be agreed with before you can fill out the form. You must be the actual person, executor, guardian, authorized officer or agent for whom male would be forwarded to when fill out the form. If you submit false or inaccurate information on this form you might be subject to a fine or imprisonment or both.

    You should also know that your private information can be given to government agencies or government bodies when information is required about a decision requiring employment, voter’s registration, law enforcement purposes, security clearances, contracts or…

    Post Office Locations

    Post Office Locations

    The U.S. Postal Service has been around for hundreds of years, but it has constantly evolved. So have each of the Post Offices across the United States. There are over 35,000 postal branches across the United States, but they aren’t all the same. In fact, there are several different types of Post Office locations.


    Main Offices

    Main offices are generally large postal facilities in urban areas. They service a particular city or region and offer all sorts of services, including mailing packages, selling stamps, and providing individual post office boxes for residents and businesses.

    Branch offices are smaller Post Office buildings that are typically located outside the city limits. They tend to be small town or rural area offices. Although they are overseen by a Postmaster, they are generally run each day by a manager.


    Contract Postal Units

    Contract postal units are basically branches of the Post Office that are located inside stores, such as Walmart. Those branches are often primarily responsible for issuing money orders. Although, they also provide other services.


    Self-Serve Kiosks

    In recent years, the Post Office has also added self-serve kiosks for the public. Many of them can be found inside malls and in other public areas. So, they are quite…

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    Tips offered by USPS for Tax

    With April 15th, tax day, right around the corner some United States postal employees in South Florida are busy reminding many consumers who are filing their taxes last minute to make sure they get to their Post Office in time and to be aware of the scheduled pick up times that are given at all blue collection box locations so they would be stamped on or before April 15th.


    Some post offices around the county will stay open later than the scheduled 5 pm closing. To find the nearest post office that is open late go to . Only some post offices will stay open late and there will be no afterhours pick up at the blue collection boxes throughout South Florida.


    To help the thousands of consumers who will be coming into the post office to mail their taxes the post office has set up tax return drop off boxes and have increased their special services such as: Priority Mail, Priority Express Mail, Certified Mail, Return Receipt and Certificate of Mailing.  The offices of the IRS accept all First Class postmarks as proof that your taxes were filed on or before April 15th.


    Having increased their services for the upcoming week…

    New York City Post Office open till Midnight tonight

    Today is the last day to file your taxes without being assessed a penalty. So if you are an adrenalin junky and want to wait till the last minute to file your taxes, you can! Some of the Tri-State areas post offices will be staying open until midnight tonight giving every last person who shows up a chance to have their tax returns stamped with the all-important postmark of Aril 15th.  If you are really running late the USPS says as long as you are in line before midnight tonight you can get your taxes postmarked as well. According the USPS some post offices last year were open till 2 a.m. to accommodate the customers that were in line before midnight. Let’s see how it goes tonight?


    A recent poll that was taken noted that an astonishing 25% of people will wait until the last minute today to file their taxes, especially if you owe money. As you would have guessed, those that are due for are refunds are more likely to file their returns before the April 15th deadline.


    A little known fact that the IRS does not like to make public is that you are only assessed a penalty for…